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Detailed Instructions for Antique Coin Shop Job


Select Target

1.      Buy all data regarding the “Value of Swag”,

2.      Look at Security data, but do not buy extra info, and

3.      Look at Alarm Systems but do not buy extra info.


Pick Team

As per Map Book


Pick Fence

As per Map book


Plan Raid


Skeleton Joe

1.      Pick front door- 0.13s

2.      Pick 2nd door- 0.35s

3.      Pick safe room door- 0.51s

4.      Pick sink room door- 1.05m

5.      Smash sink- 1.17m      /      Rob sink- 1.21m

6.      Smash C1- 1.39m              /      Rob C1- 1.43m   ( this trips the alarm)

7.      Smash C2- 1.55m              /      Rob C2- 1.59m

8.      Back in car- 2.10m


Detonator D’ Arcy

1.      Wait 0.13s

2.      Smash till- 0.29s                /      Rob till- 0.37s

3.      Wait 0.06s

4.      Blow safe- 1.04m              /      Rob safe- 1.12m

5.      Smash C3- 1.35m              /      Rob C3- 1.39m

6.      Smash C4- 1.51m              /      Rob C4- 1.55m

7.      Back in car- 2.03m



Start to smash/ rob C5, followed by C6, and then C7.


Police siren starts approx. 2.35m


This method should net you ₤93, 800.










Detailed Instructions for Rickenbacker Art Collection


Select Target

Do not buy any extra information.


Pick Team

As per Map Book


Pick Fence

As per Map Book


Plan Raid


Baby Face Clive

1.      Pick front door

2.      Pick Locked Door 1- 0.51s

3.      Pick Locked Door 2- 1.11m

4.      Pick Locked Door 3- 1.29m

5.      Enter room triggering alarm

6.      Smash Case 1- 1.52m      / Rob C1- 1.56m

7.      Steal P1- 2.04m

8.      Steal P2- 2.17

9.      Back in car- 2.43m


Boss- you

1.      Pick Locked Door 4- 1.01m

2.       Enter room @ 1.30m

3.       Steal P3- 1.52m

4.       Return to car.


IGNORE ALL MINOR PAINTINGS, AS YOU DO NOT GET MONEY FOR THEM. Only go for the ones indicated in the map by this solution.

The same applies for the 3 extra cases. They contain silver and chew up too much time. Oils O’ Sullivan only deals with gold.


Police siren starts approx. 2.40m


This method should net you ₤138, 500.




A note from Yan:
After each robbery, the team members ask higher prices - since the Antique Coin Shop do not gives that much loot, it is better to let it unrobbed and to start directly with the Art Collection. The initial 55,000 is enough to buy the plan and all the swag data, along with a team of Baby-face Clive and the least expansive burglar (_ Canon?). By robbing all the loot (3 paintings, 1 gold and 3 silvers) you should end up with almost 130,000 - ready for the next robbery with much cheaper teammates... In the long run it adds-up to substantial savings.

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