Short Circuit - Solution (c64)

Done by Boff, Darksoft and kyle
Shown at

This game has two parts; an adventure game with objects and inventory, and an action section.

This solution incorporates only the first part. Those with emulators....and I'm sure you do, will be able to save the game continously, and replay every attempt to avoid an 'animal' until they get through the map. I orignally found a map and object list documented under this site but not much of a solution. I updated the game map considerably.

The begining

First off, head right.
In room5, there are three robots on the back wall.
Perform a search on the middle robot and you will find the "jump rom".
Get the jump rom.
and head right,
select Jump command by tapping on the space bar.
Now you should get stopped by the robot in room 7.
Now here is the solution for getting past the robot.

Solution for getting past a robot

Roll on up to the robot. Then press direction up to go the back wall. The other robot will mimic your movement. Then with jump command having been selected, Simulaneously click the direction movement down and on the fire button.
Now No.5 will jump to the bottom of the screen, leaving the other robot behind.
Now perform a jump to the right, before the other robot can react.
If you just try moving past the robot, then it will just catch up and block you again.
Jumping is the only way past, unless you have a lot of luck.
Now it takes a tiny bit of practice, but you need to perform this action again and again, and it's quite amazing the number of people who had difficulty in performing this much needed action.

Computer Alarm A

After getting past the first robot stationed at Room 7, keep on rolling right, past the toilets in room7, the green shirt on room 8, the sofa's in room 9, until you reach a desk in room 10.
Now past the desk, are three chairs, and some stairs (that you can't go up), and a wall for room 11. At the space between room 10 and 11 is computer alarm A.
Now In the "left hand side" of the big desk at the center of room 10, (it will have a white light on the right hand side), you will find a passcard.
Take the passcard.
Roll back to the left, until you see the double doors and a computer screen to the their left, this is Computer A on the map. Select Utilize
Then input
Then passcard.
This will deactivate Computer Alarm A, for about a minute.
Utilze, hide, the passcard in this computer. It's sole purpose to date is to be used here, so it might as well stay here.
Once the passcard is hidden, make your way to room 11,
and select the jump command.
Jump past the robot like before.
You have now breached all the defences.

Computer Alarm B

The next alarm is a little more combersom.
In room 11 are a bunch of computer screens and two desks. The second desk at the far right of room 11, has a computer on it. This is computer B. In the left hand draw you will find the desk key. Take the desk key, and start moving right.

In room 12 you will find a peice of furniture with draws half obscured by a wall.
This is locked.
Utilize > Input > Desk Key to unlock this drawer. Inside is the construction rom, but we don't need this yet. Keep moving to the right.
In Room 13 is a bookshelf (on the other side of the wall to the locked burea).
Search the bookself and take the password. Continue to room 15.

The connection between room 15 and room 16 is protected by Computer Alarm B, and yet another robot.

In the middle of room 15 is a blue door, the cabinet to the left of the blue door is locked,
Utilize > Input > Desk Key to unlock this cabinet.
Search this cabinet to find a Set of keys. Take Set of keys, and Utilize > hide > Desk key.
Search the pidgeon holled piece of furniture (archive ) to the far left in this room.
Take the computer protocols.
Go back to Computer B in room 11.
Utilize > Hide > Password
Utilize > Hide > Computer protocols.

Star going left, Select the Jump command, make your way past No. 2 and Computer Alarm A.
Continue left to room 8.
Room 8 has a green shirt hung up and three cabinets locked up. In the center cabinet
Utilize > Input > Set of keys.
Search the cabinet to find and take the security documents.
Now you got to get No.5 past the defences in Room 11.
Go back to Computer A, in room 10, Search it to find the and take the passcard.
Utilize and input the passcard on Computer A, then once again hide the passcard here.
Make your way past the temporarilly deactivated alarm in room 11, and then past the No.2.
Hide the Set of Keys in the desk in the middle of the room.
Search Computer B, to find and take the Password, and Computer Protocols.
Now with Pixel perfect positioning, get No.5 into this position like shown in the following picture:
Computer Picture
Now, utilize and input in THIS order.
2.Computer Protocolls
3.Security document
If all goes well you should received the following 'positive' results for the corresponding item.
1.log on achieved
3.general alarm overrided log off
This permenantly shuts down Computer Alarm B.
If you did not get a 'log on' from the password then No.5 is in the 'wrong' position. Sorry, but it's trail and error. I had figured out this solution to this problem when I was a kid, but because of the constant negative results I received I thought I was barking up the wrong tree.
It was only 15 years later when I saw it this solution on the internet did I realize I was right, but the game engine sucked so badly, that even with the 'right' solution, one can still be 'penalised' and given a negative result in this game.

If you try any of this on Computer A, then it's instant death. Considering this is 10 minutes of gameplay to get this far, and the only 'real' computer to produce a postivie result so far (computer A), kills you, then your are forced to 'trail' and 'error' with pixel perfect positioning on three other computers.
Sorry I'm upset having waited for 15 years to find out I was right.....I'm just a bit bitter.
If you want to reactivate the general alarm just repreform the set of actions you did to switch it off.

Deactivation of the sprinkler system

Utilize > hide the password, computer protocolls, and the security docuement.
Take the Set of keys which you stored in the other desk. Make your way back to room 15, where you had hidden the desk key.
Take the desk key.
Make your way past robot No.3 in room 16.
Then march on past to room 20, with Robot No.4, and hop past.
In the following room, room 21, is a desk with a light on the right hand side. It will be locked.
Utilize > input > desk key to unlock it.
Search > take > Chub Key
Make your way to room 22, Search >in between the side table and the sofa to the right. You should find the lit cigarette. Do not take it instead tap space to switch to Utilize > Hide > Chub key Make you way to room 24.
there is desk with a computer on the left hand side of the room.
Utilize > input > desk key to unlock this desk.
And to the far right of room 24, is a large Wardrobe also locked.
Utilize > input > Set of keys to unlock the large cabinet.

So far that's ALL the cabinets, and desks unlocked.....except for the executive office desk.
This is a vague security system active in room 25, which is the executive office.
It can be fooled, a bit, with a bit of luck, but the game won't scroll past room 25.
This is edge of the gameplay for part 1.

Hide the Set of Keys, and the Desk Key in newly unlocked wardrobe on the far right hand side of room 24.
Now perform a search on the cabinet. Take the Fire system Manual.
Go to room room 16, the room with Robot No.3.
Pick up the laser rom from the right had desk draw.

Now go to room 12.
The set of draws on the right hand side of the room, should contain the Construction Rom. Utilize > Hide > Laser Rom.

go to room 11.
Search computer B, and pick up the password and security protocolls.
Now input in the following order with the following results on computer B.
2.Computer Protocolls
3.Fire System Manual

This should hold the positive result of
1.log on achieved
3.sprinkler system off log off

Again just like with the General Alarm overide you can perform this action again to turn on the sprinker system.

Now all the draws are unlocked, all the alarm that can be turned off, have been, Computer Alarm A, is always an annoyance, but easily circumvented.

Construction Docs...and the bin

Hide the password, computer protocols and the fire manual.
Roll on over to room 22, pick up the Lighted Cigarette and the Chub key.
Now go to room 24. This is where the solution falls apart.
No one has found a way to disable this alarm, in fact, we believe it is a bug in the game.
Room 25, is effectively the 'end of the gaming area' so I believe the programmers erected an impassable alarm, to stop you from scrolling to far to 'hit' the end of the map.
Sadly they spawned it, just within the entrance to room 25.
The trigger point is just past the first edge of the first desk.
The alarm's grip is loosened with the deactivation of the sprinkler system, but it is not a perfect solution.
We have found it best to wait by the right had side of the first desk for about a minute maybe two.
Other solutions have been to got to other rooms, hide and search for objects and then come back.

Just keep trying (and saving if you have an emulator)
You WILL get through. Just perseverve
Sadly ONCE you make it past the alarm, you will have mere seconds to do everything you need to do, before a guard catches you.
Utilize > hide > lighted cigarette > in the bin.
The bin should now be on fire, AND an alarm should go off.
This gives you roughly four minutes to escape.
Utilize > input > chub key > on the left hand desk drawer, the desk should have a computer on it.
Search > take > Robotic construction documents.
Now get back to room 24 FAST!!!!
Utilize > hide > chub key.....anywhere


So there you stand in Room 24, with the jump rom and the construction document.
You probably have between 3 and four minutes to get out of the building
Now....what are you doing standing there GET TO ROOM 12....FAST!!!!
Hit space and switch to jump mode en route and prepare to jump past some robots.

Once in room 12 find the same desk of draws that the construction rom and laser rom are hidden.
Utilize > hide > Jump Rom
Utilize > hide > Robotic Construction Documents

Yet another fine flaw in this game....even if you carry the correct four objects OUT of the building you still get a failed message.
Unless they are ordered correctly. Thankfully hiding the objects together, re-orders the objects into the correct order.
Search > FOUND >
Laser Rom
Construction Rom
Jump Rom
Robotic Construction document
take > everything IN this order.

Make your way to room 1, and roll out of the door.

Item Room Place Utility If closed, how to open?
Ignition key 2 Right of desk Key for truck
Jump rom 5 Robot 2 Enables Jump
Labrador puppy 7 Between WC 1 and 2 Has toilet roll wrapped around its neck
Security document 8 First chest of drawers Computer codes for alarm Open with set of keys
Laser gun 9 Between sofa 1 and plant Constructed mainly of lurid red and white plastic
Passcard 10 Left table Allows access to medium security areas
Desk key 11 Left PC table There is no description
Construction rom 12 Right chest of drawers There is no description Open with desk key
Password 13 Left cabinet Log on number
Computer protocols 15 Between archive and drawers Acheives link with computer
Set of keys 15 Drawers 2 Both keys identical Open with desk key
Laser rom 16 Right table Enables laser
Remote control 17 Robot 3 There is no description
Audit 18 Right table Marked Nova laboratories
Computer specs 19 Right's table plant There is no description
Chub key 21 Right table 1 Executive office key Open with desk key
Lighted cigarette 22 Right plant 1 There is no description
Unknown rom 24 Left table 1 There is no description Open with desk key
Fire system manual 24 Wardrobe Control codes for sprinkler system Open with set of keys
Robotic Construction Document 25 Left hand computer desk drawer Marked Nova laboratories(buggy description) Open with Chub key