KWAH solution
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SAY "KWAH", INVENTORY, PRESS RECORD, SAY "KWAH" (x2), PRESS STOP, SHOW PASS TO CAMERA, N, WAIT, SAY "KWAH", EXAMINE ROOM, TAKE KEYS, SAY "KWAH", S, PRESS PLAY, SAY "KWAH", EXAMINE DOOR, PUT PASS IN GAP, S, SAY "KWAH", OPEN DOOR (you find Greenfinch, make sure he folllows you from now on since you cannot end the game without his help), SAY "KWAH", W, E, E, GET BLUE FLASK, E, GET SCREWDRIVER, W, W, S, SAY "KWAH", W, PUNCH GUARD, SAY "KWAH", GET CARD, GET TUBE, MIX TUBE WITH FLASK, E, GIVE GREEN BOTTLE TO RIK, S, S, INSERT CARD IN SLOT, U, E, SAY "KWAH", TAKE WEIGHT, W, EXAMINE DOOR, SAY "REDDEUCK", N, E, TAKE CODE BOOK, GIVE BOOK TO GREENFINCH, W, W, EXAMINE MACHINE, PRESS BUTTON, E, N, E, E, (you meet Reddeck, make sure he fo... anyway, same as Greenfinch), W, W, N, SAY "REDDUCK PRESS BUTTON", S, E, stand on mark !, GIVE GREENFINCH BOTTLE, SAY "RIK PULL LEVER", follow arrow marks through labirinth, S, UNSCREW HATCH, go in rocket, SAY "KWAH", PUT WEIGHT ON MEASURE, go back to animal lab, SAY "RIK PULL LEVER", SAY "KWAH", W, S, S, PUNCH DR LEE, N, E, U, E, the end.

Kwah Map