Puzzles for Impossible Mission

Even the puzzle parts of Impossible Mission are generated randomized and might vary from game to game. So it won't be possible to show an exact solutions.
But David Dahle sent me this image as guide for solving the puzzle. If you manage to get these figures with two parts you are usually on the right way and it should not be difficult anymore to find the other two parts. But there can also be games, where even these figures might be misleading and the puzzle looks odd until you find the last piece.

The idea behind this picture is using it as a reference to help pick out possible matches among the collected pieces.

Here you can see examples which 4 parts fit together. If you manage to solve 9 puzzles you can go into Elvins Hidden Room. It is recommended starting to solve the puzzles if you found all 36 puzzle parts. If a puzzle fits together but is not recognized as being solved try to rotate it into all directions.

You can also find interesting informatin about the game there.

After solving the puzzle you have to go through the big blue door in this room:

by Martin Brunner 2006 - picture taken from the Gamebase 64