Gates of Dawn Solution

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You start at A1 with the *Iron Sword*. Goto B1 and drop the Sword in front of the flying blade. This will shatter the blade revealing a ghost and a 'Scroll'. Get the Scroll and Sword and head to B6 (through C1) to take the 'Warm Unmelting Crystal'. If you want you can get the 'Bottle of Oily Liquid' (at A2) and head to the spider web (A4) to take the Jar and the Crystal. Select the Bottle and 'Use' it by typing 'Pour'. This will make you slippery and stop you from getting stuck in the web. You can also take the 'Hip Flask' from A5, but this is just a red herring object.

Now head to G1 and take the 'Pot' and the 'Jewel'. Goto H2 (the pool of water) and drop the 'Warm Unmelting Crystal', this will freeze the water allowing you to pass. Head North to H3 then head South twice, you must go backwards to pass by these rooms. Now goto G4 (the Toll Gate) and drop the 'Pot' to pass (Toll Gates accept the Pots, Jars, Plieus, Fungus and Jewels).

Head to D3 (another set of Toll Gates) and drop the 'Jewel' to pass. Goto C4 and take one of the 'Energy Jewels', then head North to G5 and take the Mushroom. Goto C7 then to E7 then head South to E4 (a large stone barrier). 'Eat' the Mushroom and you will shrink down in size. Go under the barrier to F4 and get the 'Vial'. Goto F3 and touch the dancing mushroom that opens a secret door. Go through the door to F6. A Crystal holds up another stone slab here and when you try to take it you are squashed! 'Read' the Scroll to slow down time and get the Crystal. This will let the slab fall revealing a *Burning Sword*. Drop the Crystal and get the sword and head back to the barrier (E4). Now head South to E2 (since you are tiny you can pass under the wall of fire at E3). Goto D2 and hit the ice frame releasing the *Ice Bladed Sword*. The Burning Sword melts the frame.

Get the Sword and head East to G2 then North to G4 (Toll Gate) and drop one of the Swords. Now go back to F2 and grab the 'Jewel' and then back to G4. Drop the Jewel to pass and get the Sword. Now head North to G6 and drop two of your Swords (it doesn't matter which) then goto H4 and take the 'Multifaceted Amber Gemstone' (remember the backwards moves here). Now head to G8 (an energy barrier) and drop the 'Jewel' to pass (it should flicker in the inventory) to F8 (another flying blade) and drop your Sword in it's path. Again a ghost will appear as well as the last sword 'A Heavy Obsidian Sword'. But the Sword is out of reach so you must drop the 'Vial' to scare the ghost away, then the sword will descend and you can take it. However only two items can exist in each location so you must take the dropped Sword first before dropping the Vial (all the while avoiding the ghost). Now go back to G8 and drop the 'Energy Jewel' picked up in C4 to deactivate the field. Head to G7 and take the 'Star' (you must wait for it to descend) then goto G6 and take the two Swords you dropped earlier. Now you can enter the Gates of Dawn! You have the four elements: Fire, Ice, Iron and Stone plus the Star which will be needed inside. As you move towards the gates large sprites fly out at you, one of each element. Hit each one with the corresponding Sword to destroy them then head through the gates. Here you are in a strange room and are attacked by what looks like a swarm of bats. When you drop the Star it floats up and the bats disappear, you can now move forward to win the game.


  • You can pass safely under droids when you are tiny.
  • Use the *Burning Sword* to destroy the spider webs.
  • The 'Phial of Silvery Fluid' found at F7 is health.
  • The 'Hip Flask' and 'Bottle of Murky Liquid' seem to be nothing more than alcohol.
  • The 'Mushroom' at B7 makes everything turn into mushrooms when you eat it.
  • When taking an item stand to the left or right of it and hit the Space Bar for best results.
  • When taking the 'Bottle of Oily Liquid' at A2 approach the room from A3 to avoid the floating spikes.
  • When taking the 'Star' move a little way into the room where the droids don't touch you and wait for it to descend.

Walkthrough by Michael Lambert 2008.

Originally displayed at the C64 Walkthrough Site