Clever and Smart

This game was solved thanks to Mobasa Joe and some volunteers. You can find the original solution with even more info at
This solution was translated into Englisch by Martin Brunner.

General Info

The Map



Go to Cleverman Discount (A) and buy a boilersuit and an apron. Go to the market (B) and buy flowers. Go to the old shed (C) down left where you find an old toolbox and a picklock.

Go to the Rust Ltd. Scrap (D) and buy a hammer, screwdriver and pliers. Go to aunt Annie (E) and buy 5 electric points, a lightbulb, 150 meter cable (so buy a cable three times), the phone and the ampere meter. Go to the Acme Construc. (F) and buy the drill. Go down the next sewerage (Nr. 8 on the Map).


Now walk to the next power supply (the way is marked brown on the map). Then click on it. Now select that you want to fix the cable. You can fix it by clicking on the wall that connects to the cable roll. So fix the cable like shown on the map until the position of the red cross. Before you are able to drill at this point you have also to remove the wall that is in the way to the red cross. You can also remove it by drilling. After that you are able to continue your way to the red cross and drill for Dr. Bakterius.