The Vera Cruz Affair (Infogrammes)

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Here's the solution.

In the first part of the game we discovered: one packet of Rothmans, one 9mm automatic pistol type MAC 50, serial no 965743, one 9mm cartridge marked TE 9 F 3-79, one suicide note, one matchbox from Bor Le Sympa in 2 Station Street, St Etienne, one Rothmans stub and one Camel stub with traces of lipstick proving that Vera was not alone, one handbag containing a packet of Camel cigarettes and various accessories marked Vera Cruz, one diary containing these addresses: EVA Transport Cafe in Givors, Nadine Lafeuilfe, 2 Balay Street St Etienne, Hub 77523977 and ' Fuzzy' Bar in Poplars, and a black cotton thread under the fingernail of the left hand.

In Part Two we got a statement from Nadine Lafeulle who said that Vera was afraid of a certain 'gypsy' because she knew too much about a certain business. We then contacted the CRRJ Lyon and asked for info on `Fuzzy' and we found out that his real name was Abdoulah Hocine. Next we got his statement and he told us that Vera's pimp was Philibert Ziegler. We then went to the CRRJ Lyon and asked for info on Ziegler and we found that his nickname was gypsy, and he had been arrested for possession of firearms and assaulting someone. The affair had been handled by Gies Galmier, and Ziegler had been imprisoned near St Paul Lyon.

We then contacted Gie St Galmier and asked for Information on the Philibert Ziegler Affair and we were told that he had been arrested for assualting a client of prostitute Eva Delarue. We then contacted Pris St. Paul and asked for information on Ziegler Philibert and we learnt that his cellmates were Georges Lerat and Gilles Blanc. We also tearnt that Ziegfer lives at Carnot Square St Etienne. Next we got the statement of Eva Delarue who could be found at the Transport Cafe in Givors 69 (from Vera's diary). She told us that Vera did not commit suicide and that she knew too much about a robbery of one of her clients, a Hubert Delroche of St Etienne.

We then got the statement of Hubert Delroche. Just type in St Etienne for his address and he told us that he had visited Vera but his wife had been murdered in a robbery and the affair was being handled by Ciat St Etienne. We then contacted the Ciat St Etienne and asked for information on the Herbert Delroche Affair, they told us that during the robbery Mme Delroche was shot by someone who answered to the name Phil. Also a 9mm cartridge marked TE9F3-79 was found and that the getaway car was a BMW.

Next we contacted the CRRJ Lyon and asked for information on the 9mm MAC 50 automatic pistol, serial no G56743. We were told that the gun was stolen from the barracks of the gunsmith of the 92 IR Clermont Ferrand, and the affair was handled by the Gie Clermont. When we contacted the Gie Clermont they told us that the gun had been stolen along with a batch of ammunition marked TE 9F 3-79, also there was a BMW seen in the area with registration ending in CD 69. The message also said that the thief was probably an ex-soldier of the 92 IR Clermont.

To get the first part of the BMW's registration you should got to statement and type caretaker then Forest apartment. From the caretaker, Simon Duplat, we found out the first bit of the registration, 9111 and that two men were seen leaving the scene and one had a heavy moustache. Next go back to Philibert Ziegler and get his statement. He can be found at Carnot Square but he will be uncooperative. Next go to Comparison and enter Philibert Ziegler. Next go to CRRJ Lyon and ask for Information on Gilles Blanc and you will be informed that he was arrested for receiving stolen jewels. The affair was handled by Ciat Lyon. Next go to Message and contact Pref Lyon and enter ldentification no 9111 CD 69. You will get a reply the car belongs to Philippe Blanc of 32 Terreax Square Lyon 69. Call up the CRRJ Lyon about Philippe Blanc and it will tell you to contact the BORJ St Etienne. The Borj will tell you that Philippe is wanted for attempted murder of a brigadier Leroux and the affair is being handled by the ClAT PARIS.

Get a statement from Philippe Blane to get some information, then contact Gilles Blanc who can be found at 2 Statior Street and get his statement - he will have an alibi. To check Gilles Blanc go to comparison and enter Gilles Blanc to get some more useful information. Then to check Gilles` alibi get the statement of Kowalski Stanislas whose address you get from Gilles' statement. He will deny Gilles' alibi and tell you that Philippe killed Madame Delroche. Next get another statement from Philibert Ziegler who will admit to being Vera's pimp and supplying Gilles with information on the Delroche jewellers.

Then go back and get another statement fram Gilles and he will admit to being in Vera's flat but not to her murder. Get another statement from Philippe and he will admit to Vera's murder. All you have to do now is go to arrest and enter Philippe Blanc and thats it......

Typed by Ian ( Solved by C Nicholl, P Richards and G Carpenter. Originally displayed within the `Spectrum Adventurer' web pages at:-