Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)




  1. This game is identical to Case of the Mad Mummy.
  2. In the C64 Version due to a "bug" in the original program when you HOLD ANKH in the graveyard you are told that the ghosts shriek and disappear, but in fact nothing happens and it is not possible to progress past this point unless playing a "fixed" version.


Walk Through

(Start in the entrance hall), LOOK MIRROR, E (library), LOOK SHELVES (see books), LOOK BOOKS (two titles seem relevant), READ BOOK (which one, 1 or 2?), 1 (Dungeons and Clever Escapes… you return the book and something falls), GET KEY (which one?), RED, READ BOOK (your eyes are too sore), W (back to entrance hall), UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (study), DROP KEY (which one?), RED, OPEN DRAWER, LOOK DRAWER (find a rope), LOOK DRAWER (this time you find a diary), GET DIARY, READ DIARY, DROP DIARY, GET ROPE, E, E (back to library), READ BOOK (which one?), 2.


W, S (great dining hall), LOOK TABLE (see meat), LOOK TABLE (see candles), LOOK ARMOUR, GET PIKE, N, GO STAIRS, LOOK STAIRS (a section has rotted away), TIE ROPE (where?), RAILING, CLIMB ROPE (alcove under the stairs), GET MACE, GET KEY (which one?), BRASS, GET MATCHES, CLIMB ROPE, N (entrance hall), GO DOOR (study), UNLOCK DOOR (using brass key), OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (basement), DROP MATCHES, DROP MACE (for later), BREAK CASES (using pike – this gives you some timber), GET TIMBER, GET HAMMER, GET LADDER, SHIFT CASES (revealing a hole which we will go through later), E, E, GO STAIRS, REPAIR STAIRS (using timber and hammer), DROP HAMMER, N, GO DOOR, GO DOOR, GET MACE, E, E.


GO STAIRS, GO STAIRS (gallery above the hall), INSERT MACE (where?), ARMOUR (it rumbles… then moves… you close your eyes and when you open them the armour is gone revealing a hole in the wall), GO HOLE (secret room), OPEN COFFIN, LOOK MUMMY (it’s dead… I think!), W (gallery), UNLOCK DOOR (using brass key), OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (very dim storeroom), DROP LADDER, CLIMB LADDER (musty attic), GET PISTOL, READ MAPS (shows how to cross the Nile), N, GET LADDER, N, S (master bedroom), UNLOCK WARDROBE (using brass key – note you cannot open the wardrobe from this side), DROP KEY (which one?), BRASS, N, GO HOLE (the coffin should now be empty, if not go for a walk around and return later), LOOK COFFIN (see a crevice), GO CREVASSE (dusty alcove), GET ANKH, W, W, N, N.


S (dining hall), GET CANDLES, DROP PIKE, N, GO DOOR, GO DOOR, GET MATCHES, GO HOLE (ancient cell), LOOK SKELETON (Lord Munroe), DROP LADDER, GET COIN (note before going any further make sure you are carrying the pistol, candles, matches, coin and ankh), S (room lined with columns), LOOK DOORS (they bear an inscription), READ INSCRIPTION ("death follows the desecrators"), LOOK BULL (it has a ring through it’s nose), TWIST RING (doors slide apart), GO DOORS (as you enter you feel a wind… the stone doors slide back into place… you are in a very dark place), LIGHT CANDLE (you are in an Egyptian tomb room), LOOK SARCOPHAGUS (see markings), INSERT ANKH (where?), SARCOPHAGUS (a beam of light appears revealing a passage), GET ANKH.


GO PASSAGE (snake room), SHOOT SNAKES (repeat until they move away – note if the candle should go out just relight it), DROP PISTOL, DROP ANKH, DROP COIN (don’t go through the arch yet), E (cold damp room), GO STEPS (scary place), GET NOTE, READ NOTE, DROP NOTE, N (musty wardrobe – ignore the clothes), OPEN WARDROBE (must have unlocked it from the other side first), GO DOOR (master bedroom), N, N, N, S (dining hall), GET PIKE, GET MEAT, N, GO DOOR, GO DOOR, GO HOLE, GET LADDER, S, GO DOORS, LIGHT CANDLE, GO PASSAGE (back to snake room), DROP MATCHES, DROP PIKE, GET COIN, GET ANKH.


GO ARCH (room with a statue), LOOK STATUE (it holds a drawn bow – note do not try to go east until you have inserted the coin), INSERT COIN (where?), SLOT (the statue turns – now don’t try to go north), E (room carved from rock), LOOK SLAB (looks like some kind of door), PUSH SLAB, PUSH SLAB, PUSH SLAB, PUSH SLAB (it moves), GO DOOR (graveyard), E (tomb exit), PUSH ROCK, W, S (ghosts are around you), HOLD ANKH (the ghosts shriek and disappear – see note above), S (by graveyard wall where howling hounds bound towards you), DROP MEAT (the hounds ravage it, but you only have a couple of moves before they finish it), DROP LADDER, CLIMB LADDER (top of graveyard wall), GO FOREST (you jump from the wall).


Well I’m glad that’s over!

Now where do I go from here?