Last Ninja 3 - Walkthrough

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Stage 1

Enter the house and pick up the glove. Walk two times northeast and get the sword. Head northeast and get the chain dangling under the shrine. Return and walk past the statue to the southeast, then northeast - get the pieces of wood.

There you got your Nunchaks! Continue to the southeast and get the Rooftiler's Nails. Now you can use the glove for climbing. Head northeast and get the potion in front of the doorway. Walk northwest and two times northeast. Get the shuriken.

Now go northeast, northeast, southeast. Use the glove to climb the wall. Walk along the ledge and get the lamp at the end. Climb down and fill it with explosive powder. Climb up again and drop it at the large boulder. Whoops. Retreat and walk two times northwest. Get the scroll. Head southeast, use the scroll and enter the building. Beat the guard.

Stage 2

Head northwest and keep on walking until you arrive at a river. Pick up the bellows. Give the platform (?) a push and use it to cross the river in the next screen. Keep pushing the stick to the upper right and hack away at the fire button as soon as you reach the water. Get the potion.

Walk northwest after entering the "maze" and get the scroll. Head soutwest and get the rope. Go back northeast,southeast, southwest. Now give the other platform a shove. And cross the river again. Walk all the way back until you arrive at this cliff. Do not climb down the poison ivy! Use the rope instead! Ready the scroll, enter the cave and beat the guard!

Stage 3

Go northeast and get the scroll. Then northeast, northwest and get the staff. Walk southeast (here:) then southwest and get some new shuriken. (What's this strange pic you see in the inventory screen ? Hm. Strange.) Head northwest and jump on the bridge. Walk one screen further and get the plug. Jump back, continue southwest and get the potion.

Go southeast and two times northeast. Put the plug where the vortex is. What a stupid stupid place to stand to plug the vortex. Argh! Keep going northeast until you arrive at a waterfall. Enter it using the scroll. Blabla beat guard blabla.

Stage 4

Take the staple in the next screen - use it whenever you need to climb some rungs. Continue southeast and jump over the molten metal. Climb the rungs in the next room. Walk along the ledge and get the ingot at the end. Climb down and head north. Get the dust mask. Go all the way back to the pool and jump southwest. Don't forget to wear the mask! Get the flow agent, return and jump northwest.

Go into either of the two exits to the lower left. You end up here where you find a potion. Head southwest. (Wear the mask!). Cimb the rungs again and keep going. You should be here now: Keep walking two times southeast and get the key mold. One more time southeast and you find the scroll. One room further southeast you need to use the bellows on the ember to turn it into a blazing fire.

Now use the mold with the fire to make a nice key from the ingot. Run two times southeast and open the gate with your key. Descend the stairs using the scroll. Blabla kill guard blabla.

Stage 5

I heard you need full bushido to complete the last level so use the according weapon during fights. Walk two times northeast and then northwest. Get the potion. Get the scroll in the next screen. Don't ready it yet. Keep going until you arrive at Kunitoki's place. Stand a bit right to the southern tip of the pattern on the ground. Now use your sword und push your stick up-left or up-right. Keep this dodging position. Now press F3 to use the scroll. Kunitoki get's angry but your sword reflects his attacks. After hitting him for some time you win. Now you just need to beat a guard and you're through!