The Inheritance (Infogrammes)

A guide to getting what's been left to you.............

Here's the solution.

In the first part you have to find the woman who takes you to the airport. You start in your home. The bag is useful for carrying things, so take it. On the tray you'll find some money. Take this as well. Open the drawers and the cupboards. Take the passport and the wrisiwatch, and always carry them with you. As you go around the building, people will ask you to return things you have borrowed from them. They want the following:

Man with black poplar (?) - Gun
Old Woman - Flat Iron
Bald-headed Man - Pen
Old Man wfth hat - $50
Chinese Man - Candelabra
Bald red-faced Man - Necklace
Old Man with thin hair - Cactus
Man with big teeth - Flashlight
Black Man - Trumpet

So pack these into the empty space in your bag. Behind a door on the floor you start on is a drawer with $9. There's also a Charity Lady wandering around willing to give you $100. The codes for Part 2 are JBAIOGEB and DBAAHEOB.

You start part two outside the airport. As you enter your passport disappears. If you give money to the man sitting by the lavatories, he'll return your passport. Give him more money and he'll give you a message about his brother. Buy a sandwich or you'll become sick. Make a space two spaces sideways in your bag, and buy the Mon Tricot magazine. Show your passport at the check-In desk, and go through the middle port between 11.19 and 11.20. Enjoy the trip. Give the magazine to the hijacker. As you arrive In Las Vegas, it's essential not to turn either leff or rlght or you'll be smashed by some fearsome punk. Take the third no.9 bus. And this is the end of part 2. The code for part 3 is OLAAGEKA.

Typed by Ian ( Solved by Jukka and Tommi Valista. Originally displayed within the `Spectrum Adventurer' web pages at:-