Written by Mike Delves

Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)


Game Objective

To find the confiscated walkman and return home before midnight with it.



  1. Hollo can be uncooperative and won't always follow you. You must keep asking him to ensure that he is following before you enter the school. If you prefer you can play the first part and go back for him later.
  2. In the cassette inlay I had, the instructions for using the keyboard were misleading and to jump you need to press the left (O) or right (P) keys and the space bar, not up and right or up and left keys as stated in the inlay.


Walk Through

(Start at 15.50 and you must complete the game by midnight), GO UP (telephone box), JUMP RIGHT (onto the wall), WALK RIGHT, JUMP RIGHT (across the gap in the wall... ignore the torch as it has no batteries), WALK RIGHT (you fall of the end of the wall... ignore the dog for now), WALK LEFT, GET FISHING ROD, WALK RIGHT (back to just before the dog), GO UP (the wall), WALK LEFT, JUMP LEFT (across the gap), WALK LEFT, JUMP LEFT (onto the telephone box), GO DOWN, WALK RIGHT, JUMP RIGHT (over the loose paving slab), WALK RIGHT (until you reach the gap), GO DOWN (the gap), WALK LEFT, GO UP (the ladder), JUMP LEFT, TAKE HISTORY BOOK, WALK RIGHT, GO DOWN (the ladder), WALK LEFT (to by the paper plane), USE BOOK (type in), STAND ON BOOK (you get the paper plane).


WALK RIGHT (up to the drug pusher who offers you a small packet of white powder), TALK TO PUSHER, SAY NO (he walks off), GET CHAIR LEG, WALK RIGHT (to the canal, being careful not to fall in), USE ROD, GET BONE, DROP ROD, WALK LEFT, WALK LEFT (to the gap in the path), GO UP (the gap), WALK LEFT, JUMP LEFT (over the loose paving slab), WALK LEFT, GO UP (telephone box), JUMP RIGHT (Hollo should be here and it will now be necessary to persuade him to follow you), TALK HOLLO, SAY HOLLO, TALK HOLLO, FOLLOW ME (if he is uncooperative at first you must keep trying - it will be necessary to repeat these commands many times before you arrive at the school), WALK RIGHT, JUMP RIGHT (over the gap), WALK RIGHT (you fall off the wall), GIVE BONE TO ROLF (he barks happily and runs off), WALK RIGHT, GET TEETH (otherwise they will bite you!), WALK RIGHT (carefully up to the glass eye, or you'll slip on it), GET GLASS EYE, USE PLANE (type in)-THROW PLANE AT MATCHES (you get them), DROP PLANE.


(Check Hollo is with you before entering school), GO UP (the wall), WALK RIGHT (into the subway), GET DEAD CAT, WALK LEFT (until you meet Imelda), GIVE DEAD CAT TO IMELDA (she says you're disgusting and is off), WALK LEFT (to the bollards), JUMP LEFT (over the bollards), WALK LEFT (carefully to the canal), GET CANDLE, DROP TEETH, DROP GLASS EYE, WALK RIGHT (to the bollards), JUMP RIGHT (over the bollards), WALK RIGHT (to subway), WALK RIGHT, JUMP RIGHT (over the loose paving slab), WALK RIGHT (to Grange Hill sign), WALK RIGHT (ignore the caretaker, but don't walk past him later carrying the walkman), WALK RIGHT (to bin store), WALK RIGHT (to speaking wall), USE CHAIR LEG, BREAK LOCK (it falls off).


WALK RIGHT (to boiler room - make sure Hollo is following you), USE MATCHES, LIGHT CANDLE, WALK RIGHT (into the ducting system), JUMP GAP (I found this was the only way to persuade Hollo to follow you down the pipes), WALK LEFT, GO DOWN (the pipes), WALK RIGHT (to the third ladder), GO UP (three levels until you can't go any further... you'll see a ladder on the left), JUMP LEFT, WALK LEFT, GO UP (only to the next level not the top of the ladder), JUMP LEFT (you should now see a grille above you and the staff room but the catch is locked), TALK TO HOLLO, GIVE ME KEY, UP LADDER (the grille opens automatically... to staff room... your walkman is lying on a table and you pick it up... from outside you hear an alarm... you return down the ladder), WALK RIGHT (to ladder... you automatically go down), WALK RIGHT (to ladder... you automatically go down to the bottom), WALK LEFT (until you can go no further), WALK RIGHT (to the next ladder), UP LADDER (two levels until you see a sign on your left saying "THIS WAY UP"), JUMP LEFT, WALK LEFT, GO DOWN, WALK LEFT (you should now be back in the boiler room).


WALK LEFT (to speaking wall), WALK LEFT (to bin store), GO UP (the wall - this avoids being caught with the walkman), WALK LEFT, JUMP LEFT (over the gap), WALK LEFT, GO DOWN (the pole), WALK LEFT, JUMP LEFT (over the loose paving slab), WALK LEFT (under the subway), WALK LEFT (to fence), GO UP (the fence... the FIRST SQUARE of the fence on the LEFT side), WALK LEFT, WALK LEFT, WALK LEFT (to wall), UP WALL, WALK LEFT, JUMP GAP, WALK LEFT (to the telephone box), GO DOWN, WALK LEFT (back home).