Federation/Quann Tulla (CRL/Eigth Day)

Look below to solve two adevntures at once.............

Here's the solution.

1 To start: OUT, E, GET MASK, WEAR MASK. The mask cannot be removed while on the ship, but must be discarded on the planet before entering the lake or it activates the force-field.
2 The key to unlock the cupboard is beyond the air vent, to enter which the ladders need to be present (but not carried).
3 To enter the electrical room, wear the Shoc-Cape.
4 To leave own ship press blue button in cockpit, and wear badge to cross the docking tube.
5 When unlocking the cupboard, take everything except the lightstick - and do not drop this!
6 The 3 Quann databanks have to be accessed to enable any progress and this is done by inserting the Infradat Card. The lst Databank gives a game message only - do not insert card anywhere else !
7 When entering room with crane in it, you heve to have the leed ball. To destroy crane, ROLL BALL at it. IN to enter satellite.
8 SQUEEZE GLUE at probe before taking one cred note.
9 Carry lit cigar into hygiene room to get rid of probe, then get sulpha tablet.
10 To open Interlock 1, insert one cred note into Speaktalk machine.
11 Once past Interlock 1, go directly to Quann Terminal 2 and insert Infradat cerd to turn it off before temperature fells too low. Directions are: e/e/e/n/n. (Ignore the sign as upon examination it is seen that it has been tampered with).
12 Drop sulpha tablet onto grill to destroy it - will then fall through the hole and can get static disruptor. Note: this happens every time it passes over hole. To avoid it, go SW from icy corridor.
13 The phone box and coin are red herrings.
14 Don't carry Displacer through negative energy field; it will explode.
15 Boosterpak must be worn when first going through Interlock 2.
16 Magnet boots need to be worn north of exi-tube.
17 Search lockers south of Terminal 2; search machinery in wrecked shuttle engine room; search seat in shuttle cockpit; search draw on bridge; search dust east of exi-tube; search pool between Data Silos.
18 To destroy blast-doors, PUSH DROID after inserting battery. Must wear cufflinks.
19 North of hull; don't go north if you don't have the sponge. To get rid of Sharpshot tracer, SQUEEZE SPONGE.
20 The Remnote holds code for operetion manuels. SAY "XXXX" to library computer.
21 Blow Blowpipe to kill Highdome 1. Shield must be worn here.
22 Turn off Quann Terminal 3 before going through Interlock 3.
23 If you have the static disruptor and the Limpetbomb they will join into an Emploder Disc. This will destroy the ship when taken into engine room control, which requires key to open door. Once in, bomb will auto-arm.
24 Give Thinkslip to Quann main computer.
25 Need Securipass to enter Engine Drives.
26 Once ship is going to explode, go to teleport room by Drives and say Tele. Need to wear Teleport Bracelet. Also require lightstick and water (unless you have drunk water). Also need manuals.
27 Drink water after teleport to planet, if you haven't already.
28 Throw lightstick when being chased by troops.
29 Search Empire tents.
30 From rain forest go up and need a gun to go north past ambush. Search cupboard in dummy ship.
31 When entering lake, don't have Airmask but do have Aqualung on. Before entering sphere, get Photonpack. Insert it to win.

Typed by Ian (phian@btinternet.com). Solved by Eight Day Software. Originally displayed within the `Spectrum Adventurer' web pages at:-