Written by Peter Jones & Trevor Lever (Melbourne House)

Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)



  1. At the start if you don't go immediately to the visitor's room Bullet-Proof George won't be there.
  2. 'Hang About' and 'Wait' are interchangeable - wait being much shorter
  3. It is a good idea to save the game regularly. If you get robbed or arrested for carrying the pickaxe or wire cutters, just reload your saved position.


Walk Through


(Start in a prison cell… you have been put away for your contributions to the Long Ditton Spaghetti Caper – the warder enters and informs you that today is your day of release), E (corridor), S (visitors room where Bullet-Proof George gives you a slip of paper - it is Friday morning), W (to St. Jude's Road), NE, NE, S (Korner Kaff where you see a telephone and a fire extinguisher), EXAMINE PAPER ("Little Ken 943 9999"), PHONE 943 9999 (Who do you want?), KEN (Ken answers and gives you a tip for the next race "Things in Bags"), N, E, E (to a shabby concrete grandstand at the dog track where Tweedle asks if you have a tip for him), THINGS IN BAGS (Tweedle places a bet… there is a race and Things in Bags wins… Tweedle wins some money and asks you to meet him for a drink later on), W, W, NE, S, E, N (to the Fish Finger public house), HANG ABOUT (until pub opens), N (into the public bar where Tweedle buys you a drink, offers to split the proceeds of the race with you and tips you off about a shipment).


S, W, N, E (builders' yard where Bullet-Proof George is working with a pickaxe), HANG ABOUT (until it is Friday afternoon), HANG ABOUT (until tea break), GET PICKAXE, W (deserted road), DROP PICKAXE, WAIT (a bullion truck goes southwest), DROP MONEY (this is to avoid being robbed or arrested for carrying the pickaxe), SW, W (saloon bar of the Frog and Peach), W (snug bar), GET MATCHES, EXAMINE BOX (just say the words "The Swordfish Club"), E, E, SE, S, NE (to a dark alley with an empty warehouse to the south - Tweedle turns up), S (into the disused warehouse - a motor draws up outside), HIDE (a voice says "Tricks calling Soapy…"), EXAMINE WAREHOUSE (see a tarpaulin at the rear), LIFT TARPAULIN (see wooden crates), EXAMINE CRATES (stamped "Banco di Palermo"), OPEN CRATES (see thousands of two inch nails), N, SW, N, NW, NE (deserted road), GET MONEY (it is Friday evening).


W, UP (metal landing), ENTER NIGHTCLUB (a hatch in the door opens and you are asked for a password), SWORDFISH (the door opens and you are in the nightclub with Soapy and Tweedle), BUY ROUND (Soapy asks you what you found in the warehouse), NAILS, BUY ROUND (Soapy says he used to work for Perrier at the bank), BUY ROUND (Soapy asks you to come next door where no one can hear), E (function room), BUY ROUND (Soapy tells you to get down the sewers), BUY ROUND (Soapy and Tweedle leave), W, D, D (dark alley), E, SW, SW, SW, S, SE (amusement arcade), HANG ABOUT (approximately 11 times until it is Friday Night), HANG ABOUT (approximately 10 times until there is a flash of mirrors and Mr. Video appears).


NW, N, NE, SE (St. Jude's deconsecrated church), S (graveyard where Cracker and Tweedle are talking and saying they have to get down the sewers to get into the bank… when they spot you they slink off), N, NW, N (service station), EXAMINE STATION (see tools), GET WIRE CUTTERS (sometimes a coach driver turns up), S (Pork Pie Parade), HANG ABOUT (approximately eight times until Saturday morning), S (pet shop), EXAMINE POSTER (it's a wanted poster for "Little Ken"), EXAMINE SHOP (see doggi-snooze pills), GET PILLS, N, SW, SW, W (park), N (library - the librarian asks if he can help), YES (What do you want information on?), SEWERS (you are given a large book), READ BOOK (access to the sewers is south of Terminal Street), S, E, NE, NE, NE (Electricity Street), HANG ABOUT (until the Frog and Peach opens), W (saloon bar), N (public bar where you hear the dog and bone - telephone), ANSWER PHONE (a voice tells you to meet him at the snooker hall), S, E, NE (deserted road), GET PICKAXE, W (it is Saturday afternoon), W (snooker hall - Mr. Video appears and asks if you are up to some sort of caper), YES, (he leaves).


E, E, SW, SE, S, SW, SE, SW (through the alley to the point where there are non-returnable bottles etc.), HANG ABOUT (approximately 19 times until it is Saturday evening), HANG ABOUT (5 more times - you see Bullet-Proof George, Cracker, Tricks, Soapy, Little Ken, Tweedle and Mr. Video - Tweedle says "Blimy, you've got a book about sewers, It looks as if you know your stuff… Who do you want to take with you?"), TRICKS (Tricks says 'Right, but I ain't comin' down them sewers, I'll tune the jam jar for a quick getaway - awright'), SOAPY ("Splendid," says Soapy), MR. VIDEO ("Right," says Mr. Video - you've chosen your crack team that will attempt to put one over on Perrier, there is no return from this point… the password for part 2 is "VERT ETEP").



(Start in a dark alley), W (Terminal Street), CUT FENCE, S (car breakers yard where you see two hungry looking Doberman’s), DROP PILLS (the Doberman’s go to sleep), NW (yard manager's hut), EXAMINE HUT (see a small primus stove, a desk, a tiny fridge, a carpet and a calender), LIFT CARPET (see a manhole cover), LIFT COVER, D (top of a rusty ladder), LIGHT MATCH (so you can see in the sewer), D, W (an old oil lamp is here), GET LAMP, LIGHT LAMP, D, D, W, N, E, U (it is Saturday night), U (to where the rats are), E, N (Soapy decides you are under the bank, takes the pickaxe and digs a hole), PUSH GRATING (until it opens).


U (corridor by a steel vault), N (Justin Perrier's office where there is a closed skylight), EXAMINE OFFICE (see filing cabinets, shelves, a leather chair and a desk), EXAMINE SHELVES (see a diary which you cannot reach), S, D (sewers), S, W, D, D, (it is Sunday morning), W, W, U, OPEN GRATING, U (rear of the bank), E, N (behind the bank), U (a rickety workman's ladder), U (roof of the bank), E, E (skylight over Justin Perrier's office), OPEN SKYLIGHT, GET DIARY, READ DIARY ("Friday… do the switch today… confirm nails delivered to warehouse in readiness… collect flight tickets… problem, how to divert Mario and Paulo, him with his damn white shoes. I'll think of something"), REPLACE DIARY, CLOSE SKYLIGHT, W, W, D, D (behind the bank).


S, W (rear of bank and the grating), D, CLOSE GRATING, D, E, E, U, U, E, N, OPEN GRATING, GET PICKAXE, U (corridor), CLOSE GRATING, N (Justin Perrier's office), W (walk in cupboard), GET TROLLEY, E, S (corridor), EXAMINE VAULT (Mr. Video appears and asks you if you want him to take care of the vault), YES (he opens the vault), ENTER VAULT (strongroom of the National Usury Bank where you see wooden), EXAMINE CRATES (see the label "Banco di Palermo"), OPEN CRATES (see gold bars), CLOSE CRATES (Soapy and Mr. Video ask if you want them to load the gold), NO (you are asked what to do), COLLECT NAILS, GET TROLLEY, N, CLOSE VAULT, N, W, DROP TROLLEY, E (Justin Perrier's office), S, E (behind the counter of the National Usury Bank - it is now Sunday evening), E (bank foyer).


E (Terminal Street where a van is waiting), GET IN VAN (Soapy asks where to?), DOCKS (you are driven to the jetty where there is an Italian racing yacht - It is Monday morning), GET OUT OF VAN (the crates are stowed on the yacht), BOARD YACHT (here there is wooden crates and a newspaper), READ NEWSPAPER.




NAILS IN BANK RIDDLE - Police admit to being perplexed.

PERRIER MURDERED - Concrete welly treatment for local bank manager. Police think events related.

RESTAURANT CLOSES - Popular Italian restaurant closes, Mario and Paulo blame cash flow crisis").


You sail away to the Costa Brava and live happily ever after... in Terrormolinos.

You've won, Clever Dick. That's yer lot.