typed by milosh in 2000

Project firestart was made by Dynamix software and published by Electronic (f)Arts in the year of 1989 it was an arcade-adventure based on the movie "Aliens" and because of it horror atmosphere, great graphics and movie-like cut scenes (fade ins, outs, meanwhile... scenes) it became a great hit. Playing it over night could be heart damaging, and the best thing about it was that it was made _only_ for c64 :)

As usual I recommend downloading game manual from Project 64 (, the 100% working version of the game was somewhat difficult to find on the net, you can get it at Electronic Mayhem (, and probably now all the other mayor c64 sites have updated their versions.

Character in the game (John Hawking) is controlled by the joystick in port 2 or by keyboard: x-left, v-right, lshift-down, crsr up/dwn-up, n-fire. Other keys of importance are: P-pause, C-change weapon, D-disk utilities (save, load, format save disk). energy is represented at the bottom of the screen by ">>>>>" line, you loose energy in contact with the monsters, radiation etc. you can heal yourself by using first aid kits (only once by every kit) got by using the energizer (unlimited times, but there is only one energizer in game) please note that you can heal only if you have less then 50% energy left. As for laser there are two types of the lasers in the game the "normal" and the plasma laser which is much stronger but, again there is only one plasma laser in the game you can have two lasers in your inventory you cannot recharge it or drop it so if you want to pick up third laser you'll have to deplete one you carry. Picking up objects and using things is very simple when you approach (for example) ID card a message at the bottom of the screen will show "Pick up ID card ?" pressing fire will answer affirmatory otherwise just step back. Some playing tips: Always close the doors behind you, monsters cannot open closed doors, save your plasma laser for the endgame because you'll have biggest fight than, before you start the game, study the map you'll find it very helpful, do not let the monsters approach you and _newer_ walk past them, save game often, OK. now to the solve.


You begin the game at dock 1 (1), go to lift 1 (L1), use it to go on floor 3, run left end enter lab (2), get tape and ID card, browse the nearby computer for some info on your mission, when you leave the room you'll be attacked by the monsters for the first time. run to the oxygen room (5), open oxygen vent, now to the nuclear reactor (6), lift the protection lid and get out of the room quickly, nearby you'll find plasma laser (room to the left on corridor y), take it also in the nearby computer room in corr. y is master power switch, remember this room. By now the cryo chamber door should be open, so go there (7), when you release Mary monsters will start crawling in room in hordes,quickly go left protecting the Mary as you go, escort her to disposal room (8), place her in empty container and close the door. Now, go to the control room (9) contact base on radio and after that jettison container in nearby room (10), now make sure you save game, after that set self destruct on computer (9), now run to the place where you started the game, to the dock 1, when you approach your ship explosion will shake entire Prometheus and your ship will be destroyed, back to control room (9), contact the fleet again, OK you are on your own now, so go to the dock 2 fighting off the monsters as you run, at this point of the game it _may_ happen that the evil doc Annar turns the power off, so you'll have to run to the room with main power switch, anyway when you are done go to dock 2 (11), kill the monsters roaming around the shuttle and enter it, that's it you finished the game !!! now sit back and watch the movie-like ending, ah. :)

This solution was written by me, Milos Jovanovic in December 2000, based on the map (which should be included with this solve) published in local computer magazine in Sept. 1989 by Slaven Hajduk and my previous experience of playing this game on my good, old c64. Any errors, submissions and similar feel free to contact me on my mail address: (it's valid, honest!). This solution was displayed at