The .: EXILE solution v3.0 :. By Kyle on 28th February 2005

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You begin the game witnessing Triax escaping with "the Destinator", the life source of your ship. Due to this, the Perseus is in a perminant geostationary orbit around the planet Phoebus. According to a crew member, Phoebus is a planet made up of a complex cave network, with deadly insects, bizarre creatures and vicious killer robots.

Rumour has it that Triax has a secret laboratory deep within the network that houses a "Maggot Machine" which he intends to use to produce an army of maggots to infest the Universe. Your mission is to retrieve the Destinator, destroy the Maggot Machine and search for the rest of your crew.

Start by pressing the button to the right of you to unlock the doors of the Perseus. Pressing these buttons lock / unlock doors, get use to them because they are found everywhere and anything that touches them, activates the lock / unlock mechanism. Now, walk over the horizontal door to make it open.

Go out of your ship and head south east, so you end up on the surface of Phoebus. Remember your position by pressing "R" and continue walking east. You will no doubt come across an annoying bird, keep walking east as it follows you until you find a grenade behind a bush. Press "<" to pick it up, then press "S" to store it away. Walk a little further east along the windy Aurora Plain and press "T" to teleport back to your remembered position.

Walk under the Pericles and stand beneath its undercarriage. Here, you will see a turret which will try to kill you. Fly down the shaft, dodging any bullets. Move to the left of the mound and press "G" to get out everything thats in your pockets. Press "R" to remember your position, then ">" to throw the grenade at the blue horizontal door. Move back to the left in order to get out of the blasts harm. The blue horizontal door should now be blown open.

Move down the shaft and you will see something resembling a mutant cow. When it is closest to the edge and facing away from you, push it off. If you are lucky, it will explode and leave a power pack, if not, you can kill it later. Collect the power pack by pressing "<".

Thrust north west up the shaft until you see "the Gun". Collect it by pressing "<" and activate it by pressing "1". Now go down the shaft. As you descend, you will see an opening on your left, enter Hamlet Cave. Move to the left until you come across an inverted potplant. From this comes some round flashing things called lightning balls. Shoot the lightning balls with your gun and collect the grenade that is stuck on the wall. Store the grenade away.

Leave Hamlet Cave and thrust south into Orotund Cave, the nexus to the whole game. Move easterly until you see the Waters Network. Guarding the unlocked blue vertical door is a nasty heatseeking robot. Position yourself at the edge of the cliff and pressing "K" or "O" a few times, to aim at the door. Aim your gun at the door, quickly followed by a grenade. If the robot has its back turned to you, it will be destroyed. However, if it sees you, it will shoot the grenade back at you, so beware!

Walk in after the explosion to collect the power pack and whilst you are there, "the Booster Pack". Pressing "@" on the c64 keyboard activates the booster ("[" on emulator), which comes in handy where ever you travel....never turn it off!

Thrust out of there, and to the south of the cave you will see a potplant with a shrub with some cyan coloured imps. Avoid these for now as it takes far too long to kill them with your gun. To the left of the potplant is an inverted potplant, travel down this tunnel and take the first left.

Inside this cave is the flask, press "R" to remember your position before entering. Move toward the flask, pick it up and face the entrance. Press ">" to throw it out and "T" to teleport out after it. Collect the flask and travel back up to Orotund Cave.

Take the flask west, where you‘ll find a deep pool of water at the bottom of Nemesis Tunnel. Fill the flask carefully as harsh movements will spill it. Travel out of Nemesis Tunnel and move slightly east. You will see below you a cave with a fire in it. Go down to the rock door, making sure you dont spill any water and press "M" to drop the flask on the far right. Press "R" and fly out, back to the inverted potplant that has the trigger switch. Moving over the trigger switch opens the door, thus extinguishing the fire. Quickly teleport back and pick up the "Remote Control Device" and store it away. Grab the flask.

Thrust north and drop the flask off at the ledge just above where you've been. Go back down to the entrance of where you found the flask, Drey Tunnel, and follow this south. You'll come across some birds in a bush, they will follow you, so slowly travel back to Orotund Cave. Continue north until you see a long vertical tunnel, just left of Hamlet Cave. Thrust to the top, and under the protection of the birds, enter Honeycomb Cave. Go down and collect the BLUE KEY. The birds will kill the wasps.

Return to where you filled the flask full of water, Nemesis Tunnel and thrust vertically up until you reach the top. Kill the red birds by using your gun and go west until you reach the opening. This is Rune Cave.

Fly south west until you see a grenade stuck on the side of a red transporter. Collect the grenade, and press the button to activate the red transporter. Avoid the white birds and enter the transporter. You'll end up in the blue robots cave. Get your grenade out, drop it by pressing "M", press the button and transport out of there. You'll end up back at Rune Cave. Enter the red transporter once again to collect what the blue robot left behind... "the Icer"!

Transport back to Rune Cave, and press "2" to activate the Icer. Hold down shift and the key next to "1" ("`" on emulator) to transfer energy from your power supply to your Icer. Destroy the white birds with your new weapon and then thrust north.

Above you is the other side of the Aurora Plain, windy as per usual. Remember your position and slowly exit Rune Cave. Thrust to the left whilst staying close to the surface of the plain. The strong winds will drag you right, your thrust slowing down the process. Hopefully you will bump the PURPLE KEY, dislodging it and throwing it east. Follow the key and collect it.

The strong Aurora winds will bring you back near the Pericles. Fly to the capsule attached to the Pericles, unlock the door using the RCD and pick up both grenades. (If at this stage you havent realised it, pressing "K" aims your projection down, "I" sideways and "O" upwards. This is needed when ever you use the RCD or any weapon.)

Enter the same shaft as you did when you began, thrusting down until you reach the locked purple vertical door. Open the door with you RCD and throw one of the grenades in there by pressing ">", destroying the robot. Collect the power pack, and move to the right toward the pink table.

Standing on the table, aim your fire toward the left corner (press "K" to aim down) and shoot it a few times with your Icer. The table will move left. Push it off the ledge and continue right until you find the secret passage. Travel down the passage into Eridanus Cave. Remember your position here and travel up towards the two green transporters.

Beneath both transporters are small secret tunnels, the one on the left contains lightning balls and the other, power packs. Destroy the lightning balls first with your Icer, then stand under the right tunnel to collect the power packs. Move up to the left transporter, standing next to it, making sure you dont go in it. Aim your fire at the object in between the two transporters and shoot it until it disappears into the right hand transporter. Go back the way you came and also enter the right hand transporter.

You end up in Lyre Tunnel, the bridge between Rune Cave and Nemesis Tunnel. Collect "the Inflatable Raft" and exit down Nemesis Tunnel. You find yourself in familiar territory. Go south and destroy those annoying cyan coloured imps. Collect the power pack, but leave "the Torch".

Collect the flask again and fly back to the Eridanus Cave, where the two transporters are. Drop the flask (by pressing "M") between the two secret tunnels. Go up to the left hand transporter and stand next to it. Aim at the button on the wall with your Icer until it is depressed. This action alters the destinations of the two transporters. Pick up the flask and enter the left hand transporter.

You are now in the Cavern of Sarawak. Drop the flask and move to the left and shoot the turret with your Icer and collect the power pack that it left behind. (This is a good time to reload your weapons using the technique previously mentioned).

Pick up the flask and head over the incline above the transporter. To the right is a very strong wind tunnel. Remember your position before entering and fly down very close to the left hand wall, making sure the wind doesn't take you with it. To your right are two passages, the one below with a cyan vertical door, and one above it with nothing. Thrust carefully across the wind tunnel to the one above, named Gemini Tunnel. Move into it until you see the trigger switch. Drop the flask here as it holds open the cyan vertical door below. Collect the RED KEY.

Thrust back down across the wind tunnel into the bottom one with the cyan vertical door now open. Enter Behemoth Tunnel.

As you enter, you'll see another mutant cow, so fly up the incline, down and over behind it. Push the mutant cow along to the right into the hole. Leave it here for later. If it explodes, collect the power pack, if not, destroy it later. Continue east until you come across a wasp's nest.

This next bit is tricky. Remember your position and move to the left in order to get a run up. Run towards the wasp's nest, press "run/stop" to slide under it, firing your Icer as you go under it. Remember your position immediately and destroy any wasps. Thrust north up to Artesian Cave. Collect the 2nd flask and carefully bring it back down to the wasp's nest.

Carefully place the flask full of water to the right (or even better, to the left, but you'll have to have skill in shooting it under the nest!) of the wasp's nest. Then teleport x2, so you are to the left of the wasp's nest. Place a grenade next to the wasp's nest. The combination of water and the blast will kill the wasp's nest.

Collect the flask again and return to Artesian Cave, filling it with water. Return to where the wasp's nest (Yarrow Tunnel) was and continue west, then thrust north up the first tunnel. This is Sulaco Tunnel. Take a right at the top and follow the tunnel down, passing the mushrooms on each side. Position yourself at the small entrance of the cave with the fire in it and throw the flask in, putting the fire out. (You can do this a number ways, either pressing "K" a few times to aim your fire or by laying down "run/stop" to shoot and push).

Thrust north to the top and turn right, then down the small tunnel. You'll see a white little creature, this is "Fluffy" and he is going to help you. Take Fluffy back to the cave you were at and throw him in the same way as the flask. Lay down "run/stop" and push Fluffy in. Fluffy will activate the sliding rock door, pushing you in.

Push Fluffy down the shaft and move left to press the button. Fluffy will travel down through the entrance that the horizontal rock door has created. Stand on the rock door and remember your position. Wait for Fluffy to press the button.

Once in, collect the CYAN KEY and pick up the heavy boulder. Slowly but surely you'll be able to carry it up and out. Grab Fluffy and throw him through the gap. In order to get the boulder out to where the fire was, you need to get under the boulder and shoot the boulder up and out with your Icer. This takes some skill so practice altering your aim with "O". Continue to push it out and carry it back down Sulaco Tunnel to Behemoth Tunnel. The boulder will help you get down the wind tunnel.

Drop the boulder where you saw the mutant cow and take the first little tunnel up to where you saw that locked cyan vertical door. Get out your RCD by pressing "G" and aim it by pressing "I" to open the door. Move towards the inverted potplant and enjoy all of those power packs! Reload your weapons and pick up the boulder. Thrust south, down the wind tunnel, all the way.

Welcome to Eyre Cave. Remember your position and drop the boulder. Enter the water and stay to the right hand side. Thrust toward the button and press it, then teleport out of there. Make your way to the waters edge again and drop the inflatable raft. Hey presto! It inflates! Stick to the front of the raft (otherwise the piranhas still might get you) and slowly cross the water way.

Upon reaching the other side, you'll encounter two green imps. Shoot these with your Icer and the fish they leave behind. Travel north up the Antipodes Tunnel and take a right at the top. In the bushes is an egg, pick this up and travel down, dropping the egg as it begins to change colour. A bird will hatch and it is the key to killing the piranhas so make it follow you. Collect the GREEN KEY once the piranhas have been destroyed and thrust north up the windy tunnel holding onto the boulder.

Drop the boulder in the first left entrance after Palermo Cave and walk down the steps. Remember your position and thrust north up Askance Tunnel where you'll discover an inverted potplant with yet another flock of annoying birds. Shoot all of these. Remember your position and thrust north east up the steps to retrieve "the Food". Push the food down the steps either by thrusting south west or by shooting it down. Teleport out of there and collect the food again.

Remember your posion and enter Diapason Cave. To the north of this cave you'll see a blue blob, protecting the entrance to a small passage. Take the food to the blue blob and drop in down a tunnel, so the blue blob will follow it and hopefully play with it. Press "run/stop" to slide under the entrance and collect the treasure. Teleport out and travel back to the boulder. Pick it up and continue travelling up the wind tunnel.

Drop the boulder in Behemoth Tunnel and go back to Orotund Cave via the wind tunnel, or simply teleport a number of times to take you back to the start. Enter the Waters Network, the entrance below where you got the booster. Get out the RCD and press "I" to open thelocked green vertical door, dodging the bullets. Fly up to the inverted potplant and using your Icer, shoot the lightning balls. Lay down at the gap and press "O" three times, now shoot the button. Return to the entrance and remember your position.

Collect the whistle that you see below in the small cave, just under the green vertical door you just unlocked. (press "run/stop" and wiggle through) and teleport out. Now, fly south to collect the grenade at the entrance of another locked green vertical door. Shoot the turret, collect the power pack and unlock the green vertical door using your RCD.

Thrust back to the entrance above where you got the whistle and open the locked red vertical door. See the green figure above? Thats your "Protection Suit" so grab it fast! (Press "5" and transfer energy to it from your other weapons by pressing "shift + number") Continue right and collect some power packs that fall out of the inverted potplant. Continue turning the button on and off to receive more power packs. Remember your position in the inactivated purple transporter. Turn the button on, and teleport fast into the transporter.

You get transported to the Cavern of Sarawak. Quickly shoot the green turret at the entrance of the locked green vertical door 2-3 times and collect its power pack. Unlock the green vertical door with your RCD and as you enter the cave, and press the button to turn the engine on. Continue walking west and remember your position. (This next part needs two grenades, so if you dont have any go back to the start and enter the Pericles to get one).

Walk toward the transporter and above it you'll see a small gap. Throw one grenade in at a time by hovering near the opening and pressing ">". Hopefully the robot will either explode, or be pushed into the transporter. Likewise for the treasure. Return to the entrance, turn off the engine and collect the treasure.

From here fly south down the left most tunnel of Sarawak where you'll find your self near the entrance of Behemoth. Travel east, over the wind tunnel and into Yarrow Tunnel. Fly over the flashing clam and collect the treasure. Continue east and open the locked green vertical door. Thrust further east and enter the last tunnel, Blacktown. Descend Blacktown tunnel travelling through Okhotsk, the multidirectional wind cave.

At the bottom of the tunnel to your left, you'll see a brick block with two green frogmen. Shooting the block moves it, so continue shooting it west, even with the frogmen in the way. When you reach the fire, shoot the frogmen into the fire. This will destroy them. Continue shooting the block left along Hercules Tunnel into the water.

Now, enter the water and position yourself under the block, and begin to shoot the block skywards ("O") towards Hades Tunnel. Alter your aim by pressing "K" a few times to shoot the block obliquely to the right into Hades. At the end of Hades is a potplant, leave the block there. Go back to the previous vertical tunnel and remember your position near the fire. Shoot the block over the potplant into the vertical tunnel and teleport immediately so you are now under the block.

Shoot the block up towards the firing gargoyle. Keep shooting until it is level with the gargoyle. Make the block hover in mid air, but close to the gargoyle. You will need to arrange your aiming angle properly. When the gargoyle has destroyed itself, let the block drop back down. Destroying this gargoyle also blows another one up at the top of Brazil Cave.

Move north and kill the white birds that are probably chasing you. Don't touch the coronium rock just yet but shoot the block further along Hercules and into the waters edge once more. This is Cetus Tunnel.

Proceed south down Cetus, remembering your positions along the way, and then up to the potplant at the summit of the left turn. When you see the fish shoot them! At the summit, go down the other side and take the first turn on the left where you should find a coronium rock. Normally this is deadly, but in water you are able to pick it up.

Pick it up, and let yourself drop down the tunnel. Use its weight to walk west through the mushrooms along Keilder Tunnel until you come to a vertical tunnel. Drop the coronium remember your position and thrust north, taking the right at the top into Triton Tunnel. To the right is a flashing clam, a gap, and the "Radiation Immunity Pill". Move back, get a run up and slide under the gap by pressing "run/stop". collect the RIP and teleport out.

After collecting the RIP, return to the coronium rock, pick it up and head back along Keilder Tunnel. When you are free of the mushrooms, wait until you can use your jetpack again and take the coronium rock to the top of Cetus Tunnel. Place it in the left part of Hades Tunnel.

Position the moving block so it is against the left side of Cetus, and go up into the right hand section of Hades Tunnel and continue to collect the coronium rock where the white birds were.

Place one of the coronium rocks up against the vertical rock door. Collect the other and remember your position some distance away because when the two touch a massive explosion occurs! So, position your self above the coronium rock, drop the other on it by pressing "M" and teleport out of there!

On returning you'll see the rock door is gone, opening up the acid dripping Pascal Cave. If one of the drops touches you, not to fear, it'll slow you down, but if many do, you'll lose energy and be teleported back to your last remembered position. Moving west you'll see another vertical rock door, and usually some crabs as well. Return back to the acid drops and back into Hades Tunnel, then take a left and thrust north to Brazil Cave. Continue up and take the left at the summit...this is Scorpius Cave and is coronium crystal heaven.

Before doing anything here however, remember your position and take the first vertical tunnel north. Turn right at the top into Aquila Cave. Continue east and take the next vertical into Nidus Tunnels. As you descend you'll notice horizontal tunnels on your left and right. Take the 2nd on your left and press the button. Teleport back to Scorpius.

Move into the middle of the Scorpius cave and you'll notice the birds firing objects at you. These are the coronium crystals! Quickly pick up two crystals before they explode, store them away and move to the right of the cave where you'll see a small bush in the corner. Walk around in the bush and a green slime should appear. (If not after a minute or so, skip this step and move to the next paragraph). Drop a crystal on the green creature and it will turn into a yellow ball. Pick it up and return to the acid drops.

Place the yellow ball under the acid drops and hey presto, you have a coronium rock! Take the rock left and place it next to the vertical rock door. In order to blow this door open, as you know you'll need another coronium rock. Return to Hades Tunnel where you would have noticed a clam against a vertical rock door and a button. This next part is tricky...

Fly over the button and position yourself just in front of it. Remember your position. Now move right to the vertical rock door and face the button. Aim your fire at the button, get out your RCD and throw it (">") at the button. If all goes well, the RCD will open, then bounce, then close the door as you enter through it. Inside you'll see a horizontal rock door and as you move right you'll experience two trigger switches. Further still is a bush on the other side of the wall which has a coronium rock on top of it!

Grab the rock, take it left and place it up against the vertical rock door. Fly back to the other side, over the wall and walk around in the bushes. Its the green slime again! and many of his friends! Get out the remaining crystal and drop it onto one of them, turning it into a yellow ball.

Walk right and place it on the left hand trigger switch, making sure the coronium rock hasn't moved, if it has, put it down next to the vertical rock door again. Pick up the yellow ball and face the other trigger switch on your right. Throw it at the trigger switch and teleport out, returning to your position in front of the button. The coronium should have been pushed out so press the button, collect your RCD and the coronium rock. (If this hasn't worked, play around with it until it does....this took me some time to get past!)

Return to Pascal Cave and dodge the drops of acid and position yourself once again above the other coronium rock. Drop one onto the other and the door will be blown to pieces...and so will the annoying crabs!

Move west and descend into the water and shoot the annoying fish. (You can kill the "Big Fish" also, I have no idea what it does, but in any case you don't need it.) Press the button here as per usual and remember your position.

Return to Scorpius Cave and pick up a coronium crystal, then teleport back to whence you came.

Walk west and you'll find yourself at the bottom of Palermo Tunnel. Retrieve the life raft and place it near the waters edge. Remember your position and descend into the water, staying to the right. Head towards the button, press it in and the raft will sink, covering the entrance to the clam. (You may have to time this with the rise and fall of the water)

Now move right and wait for the green slimes to emerge. Get out your crystal and turn the slime into a yellow ball. Pick it up and thrust toward the raft. The gravity from the clam keeps you there, but if you face right and position yourself against the wall, you should get some lift off. Once you do, thrust up, face left and throw the yellow ball to the left. Teleport out and collect the ball. Continue heading west.

Soon you'll notice that the vertical rock door is now unlocked and walking towards it opens it. Welcome to Hydra Cave. Take the yellow ball into the largest cave and drop it. Now, travel up towards the brown imps and shoot them repeatedly until they leave some items behind. Leave "The Alien Gun" behind for now and pick it up as you exit this cave. Pick up the yellow ball again and take it down to the left.

Enter the coronium producing cave at the base, shooting any fish that get in your way and travel to the left into the secret passage in the bushes. Push the yellow ball through the gap and wiggle ("run/stop") through yourself. Thrust up to the top of the cave and turn right at the summit.

Push the yellow ball through the acid drop gap and fly down to the vertical rock door. Remember your position at the door and move to the far left. Get out your RCD and release it in line with the button that is above you. It will float to the top and press the button, however this has to be timed with the flow of the tide. Teleport back to the door or simply thrust toward it when it opens and collect the coronium rock. Don't forget to recollect your RCD.

Take the rock toward the wind tunnel and thrust all the way up it, back to the start. Travel under the Pericles, down the shaft and into Orotund Cave. Travel west to Nemesis Tunnel, thrust north and at the summit enter Lyre Tunnel. Move west until you reach Rune Cave again.

Remember the coronium rock at the bottom of this cave? We are going to blow open Triax's lair with the two rocks so drop one on the other over the horizontal rock door.

Once the door is open drop all of your items except the RCD and a grenade. Return to Lyre Tunnel and activated the red transporter using your RCD. You'll end up in Sarawak, so travel south down the left most tunnel, across the wind tunnel into Yarrow. Remember your position. Go to Scorpius Cave and collect two crystals. Teleport back and enter Gemini Tunnel to pick up the flask.

Now fly back to Eridanus network where you saw the two transporters and drop the flask under them in that laneway, between the two secret tunnels. Go to the left transporter and deactivate it with your RCD. Travel up dodging any bullets and collect the other whistle and return down to the button. Make sure it is pressed in.

Call "Chatter" by pressing "U" and he should enter the cave. Pick up the flask, and push Chatter into the right transporter. You end up back in Lyre Tunnel. Travel back to the entrance to Triax's lair. Drop the flask and feed Chatter some nourishing coronium crystals and use the two whistles to produce a heap of power packs. Continue this process until you have 100% power in each weapon.

Return to Scorpius the same way retrieving more coronium crystals for Chatter and load him up for his journey.

Enter Triax's lair with the flask and Chatter following. In order to keep Chatter following you, use the whistle "U" to tell him where you are. Drop the flask at the pool of water and take the long tunnel south, passing mushrooms on your right. The next entrance on your right is Carrion Cave.

Now, take Chatter into Carrion Cave and you'll notice him shooting something with his laser - invisible birds! There's approximately 4 of these so hang around until Chatter zaps all of them, just make sure you dont get in the way because he'll zap you too!

Venture down into the Ferro Tunnels, which are south east of Carrion Cave. There you'll see "Clutch", the first of Triax‘s killer robots. Destroy him by using a grenade, Chatters laser or by pushing him down the vertical tunnel that has the gargoyle shooting electricity.

Remember your positions slightly to the left of the vertical shaft leading to the electric gargoyle, and call Chatter using the "U" whistle. When he arrives, push him down to the electric gargoyle - he's immune to it! Watch him destroy it, you can help by using your Icer!

Once Chatter has destroyed the gargoyle, continue to the end of the tunnel and collect "the Plasma Gun". Activate it by pressing "4". This is your best weapon! Retrace your steps to the flask, fill it full of H2o and carefully return to the Ferro Tunnels. Remember your position and place the flask into the gap where you see the fire. Shoot the flask through which will extinguish the fire. Wiggle ("run/stop") through the gap to collect "The Fire Immunity Device". Teleport out.

Leave the flask, and thrust across Carrion, north up Pogrom and into Bigwig Tunnel, destroying the gargoyle with your new weapon! Land on the ledge just before Zephyr Cave and remember your position. Now, Kill the invisible lightning balls that come out of the inverted potplant then move into the niche to the left and press the button in. Thus, the rock door in Laarger Tunnel closes, shielding you from a dangerous clam.

Thrust north up Bigwig Tunnel and take the first passage on the left. Now fly across the top of Madrigal Cave where you will come across "Hammer", the second of Triax‘s murderous 'bots. Destroy him as you did with Clutch. If you don't, not to worry, he'll just appear and disappear through out the rest of the game, shooting at you :) Continue west from here.

Journey down into the next large cave, Loganberry. Remember your position and deactivate Chatter (by pressing "U" then shooting him a few times), leaving him somewhere safe. At the top you'll notice a wasp's nest, a clam and "The PX312 Blaster". Destroy the wasp's nest with your plasma gun, collect the blaster and teleport out!

Leave Chatter there for now. You now need two coronium crystals and you have two options: A) Go to Vendetta Tunnel which is situated at the base of Loganberry Cave and shoot the mushrooms there with your plasma gun which in turn creates coronium crystals (the trade off is the retrieving of them with the mushrooms) or B) travel all the way back to Scorpius Cave to get the same thing via the birds. Either way, you need two!

After getting your crystals, travel toward Nebulous Cave, destroying the brown imps that exit the inverted potplant. As you descend you'll notice two small tunnels on your right. The top one has a wall with a clam on the other side, the other, a flashing clam, acid drops and green slime. You know what to do, dont you :)

Enter the bottom tunnel and move to the right. Use your px312 blaster to get the green slimes attention and when they all appear, continue using this handy weapon to move them along. As you approach the drips, get out a coronium crystal, drop it onto one of them and shoot your blaster to move the now yellow ball under the drops. Instant coronium!

Take the rock to the vertical rock door above and place it next to it. Repeat the above process to create another and drop it onto this one, blowing up the wall. Collect the "Mushroom Immunity Pill" and go get Chatter. Activate him by pressing "U" and get him to follow you again to Vendetta Tunnel.

Create coronium crystals now that you are immune to mushrooms and load Chatter up with as many as you like. Press "Y" to create power packs and refill all of your weapons with as many as possible, for this supply will need to last you until the end of the game!

Disappear out of Vendetta Tunnel leaving Chatter behind and travel north up Loganberry Cave and across Madrigal, up Bigwig, down Pogrom, and into Laager Tunnel. The button you pressed near the invisible lightning balls opens and closes the rock door here. Continue east and destroy the red imps with your plasma gun. (You can take Chatter down here to kill those critters, but I prefer a good old shootout!)

Proceed to the end of the tunnel and fire the plasma gun over the gap at the very end, thus killing the invisible Frogman. Press run/stop to wiggle over the gap in the usual way, and go down to the second nest of maggots in Eros Cave and kill them all. Doing so destroys both nests. Descend to the bottom and retrieve "The Cannon Activator" from the last tunnel on your right. (Use your plasma gun to take out the gargoyle, as per usual)

Return to Vendetta Tunnel and pick up a coronium crystal. Now walk to the end of Vendetta Tunnel, making sure you dont fall down the diagonal tunnel (which houses a nasty clam). Shoot the birds that come out of the inverted potplant and thrust south down through Tutelary Cave. Remember all your positions along the way. Move into Fury Tunnel, once again shooting the birds that follow you. A tip: your px312 blaster comes in handy here.

At the base of Fury Tunnel you'll see a turret and two (!) rock doors. I know what you're thinking.....but your wrong! No coronium rocks needed here, just some swift manouveuring. Position yourself in front of the first rock door and get the turret to shoot at you. Either teleport out of the bullets way or simply move down into the small space at the base of the door.

By moving out of the way in time, the turret will blow the rock doors away! Proceed west along the new tunnel and enter Esplanade Cave. Remember your position and continue west. As you enter the next cave, Aeolus, you'll see a potplant with three noisy yellow blobs. These are lethal so make sure you remember your position many times before attempting to get the YELLOW KEY.

Teleport back to the Perseus with all your controllers. Fly down to the Pericles, make your way up through the spacecraft to "The Cannon". You may need to shoot the cannon out of the way in order to make way to the grenade, which you can take if you wish (it's not necessary however). Activate the yellow transporter and push / shoot the cannon into it and follow it through.

You arrive back at the Perseus! Surprise! Anyway, push the cannon through the doors, down to the surface and into the caves. (If any of the robots or Triax himself appears before you, you now have a weapon that will destroy them forever!) You once again find yourself in familiar territory. Push or even easier, shoot the cannon up the incline and press the button to transport you to the Eridanus Network. Test the cannon on the red locked vertical door. If you havent destroyed the turret, nows the time to give the cannon a good run. Collect the power pack.

Continue pushing / shooting the cannon right into the purple transporter. Follow it in and you'll find yourself at the engine. Push / shoot the cannon left with your plasma gun until you reach the edge. Get out your cannon activator and use the cannon to blast open the vertical rock door. Shoot the cannon over to the other side (ever seen a cannon bounce?) by using your plasma gun and shooting lots until you reach the yellow transporter. Activate the transporter and follow the cannon in.

You arrive at the entrance of Acheron. Quickly remember your position and get out a coronium crystal and drop it onto the flashing clam, thus destroying its gravitational pull. Move left towards the turret and shoot through the gap with your plasma gun. A few shots later and its a power pack. Get out your RCD and drop it down through the gap. This should allow it to drop and bounce off the walls, pressing the button at the base and opening the horizontal rock door to allow you in.

Beware of the purple imps, these are lethal and shoot bullets at you so killed them pronto! Push the cannon into the gap and using your cannon activator to blow open the vertical rock door. As you enter this mini cave you'll see "Hadley", the most lethal of all the robots. It'll take sometime to destroy him so use your plasma gun as much as possible or the cannon. Blast open all the rock doors in this section and dont forget to recollect your RCD!

Push the cannon down into Acheron, leaving it on any of the ledges. Move toward the left where you can see a transporter, the Destinator and the maggot making machine. Continue with the cannon south until you reach the bottom.

Blast the vertical rock door away, revealing a button. This button controls the horizontal rock door below and this next bit needs some timing. (If it is destroyed by the blast, you cannot complete the game so make sure you save the game prior)

As you can see, the horizontal rock door below you opens and closes. When it opens, the water level decreases, and when it closes, the water level increases. Now, in order to blow up the Maggot Machine, you need to time pressing the button with the rise and fall of the water. Press the button in when the door opens so that you keep it closed. The water level will gradually rise above the Maggot Machine and before long you'll feel the vibration as the screen starts shaking.

The Maggot Machine has now been destroyed and in the process has created an Earthquake! The water continues to rise so you'd better get The Destinator and the survivors fast!

Thrust up the waterfall until you reach the transporter and turn it off with your trusty RCD. Continue up and grab The Destinator. Place it in the transporter and re-activate it. This will take you and The Destinator to Cassandra Cave. Watch out for Triax as he tries to steal The Destinator in order to return it to Acheron, even if the Maggot Machine has been destroyed!

In Cassandra, you'll find a large deep pool of blue water. Within this is the forth member of Triax's marauding robots- "Skurj", and two members of the Pericles.

Use your plasma gun and your px312 blaster on Skurj and Triax as they appear and disappear out of Cassandra Cave. (Triax has a nasty habit of throwing up to three grenades at you!) This may take some time so when the coast is clear, take The Destinator to the little cave above where you find an inactive red transporter. Remember your position before entering and quickly drop The Destinator somewhere in here, but not directly in the transporter. Press the button in and teleport out.

Thrust toward the cave where you saw the two crew members and the horizontal rock door should now be open. Thrust in, quickly greet them and either push them one at a time or pick them up and take them to the transporter, where you left The Destinator. Hopefully Triax hasn't re-stolen it.

Push each crew member into the transporter as well as your self and of course The Destinator.

You end up at Acheron so thrust north, making sure you securely hold onto The Destinator. Let your crew float to the top, passing through Fury Tunnel, Tutelary Cave and finally into Abscond Tunnel where you'll find an inactive yellow transporter. Once again, pile everything and everyone into the transporter where you'll end up in "Spiegel's Laboratory".

Push each of the crew members off the edge (or pick them up one at a time) and carry The Destinator to the other side. Do the same thing with each crew member in order to exit safely. Make sure the engine is off and thrust with the Destinator south to land in the Cavern of Sarawak.

You have a number of options on how you wish to end the game. You can end it with just retrieving The Destinator and no survivors, or you can rescue each one and fly out of there as a hero. Either way the next technique can be applied.

Remember your position and leave The Destinator behind. Pick up one of the crew members and thrust up and out of the wind tunnel. Fly up to the Perseus, open the doors and place crew member number one inside. Teleport out and repeat this procedure for crew member number two.

Finally, grab The Destinator and place it inside the Perseus, on the left upper side in order to activate the engines! BLAST OFF!

CONGRATULATIONS...EXILE COMPLETE !!! ...That wasn't so hard now, was it?

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